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Our Mission:

Protect Our Protectors.

We help provide Glynn County and Brunswick law enforcement with the training and tools needed to complete their objectives and to arrive home safely.


Our Mission

The mission of the LeviSIX Foundation is to support  Glynn County and Brunswick law enforcement by promoting public appreciation and by satisfying their safety equipment and training needs. Simply, we help provide the training and tools they need to complete their objectives and to arrive home safely.

To our bothers in blue, we've got your SIX.

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Protect our Protectors

Our police are outnumbered, ill-prepared, and consistently misrepresented in the media. They leave their families to put their lives at risk for the safety of you and your loved ones. Our police need your support and the LeviSIX Foundation is here to give you the opportunity to strengthen the perception and ability our local law enforcement.

Below are some Glynn County crime statistics. These statistics are alarming:


1 in 98

our Chances of becoming a victim of a violent crime in our town

There are 10.22 violent crimes per 1000 people in our backyard while there are only 3.98 violent crimes per 1000 for the state of Georgia.



our rate of theft per 1000 people

Our rate of theft is DOUBLE the national rate of 17.45. Our burglary rate is 12.24 while the national rate is just 4.69.



our crime index ranking

On the crime index ranking, 100 being the safest cities and 0 being the most dangerous, our ranking is just 3!


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Your donation to the LeviSIX Foundation will provide better protection for you, your loved ones, and Glynn County/Brunswick law enforcement officers.